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Family History
“ Every Day in your Life is a Page in your History “

A full copy of research data to date is available on
5 x 1.44mb floppy disks in Excel, Word and text format,
and a CD version will be out soon.
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Martinelli and Foll Descendants
Continuing Research

Research completed and information recorded to date:-

National index of Civil registration for England and Wales.
All names of registered, Martinelli & Foll and some variants.
Births from 1837 to 1992. Martinelli & Foll and parts thereafter
Marriages from 1837 to 1990 Martinelli & Foll to 1910
Deaths from 1837 to 1995 Martinelli

Census Records
Middlesex, Surrey, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire,
1841 Middlesex Only
1851 Middlesex Only
1861 Middlesex & Lambeth only
1871 Middlesex only Martinelli and Foll not variants
1881 All names of persons registered, Martinelli and Foll and variants
1891 Parts of Poplar and Lambeth

International Genealogical Index
British Isles
All names of persons Martinelli and Foll circa 1645 ~ 1860

War Deaths
All names of persons Martinelli and Foll 1914 ~ 1918 / 21
All names of persons Martinelli and Foll 1939 ~ 1945 / 48
Army and Navy Servicemen’s Records 1877 ~ 1919

London area

London area 1799 ~ 1920
Lincolnshire 1890 ~ 1935

Have you ever wondered who your Great Great Great Grandparents where,
Or what they did for a living?.
Do not forget that they where once the same age as you are now,
And perhaps they asked themselves the same question.

Who were these other people ?,
What did they do ? ,
Who are their descendants ?,
Does it Matter ?,
Lot's of questions without answers.

si monumentum requiris circumspice

One question I do have an answer to "Does it Matter,"
the answer is
People do Matter


With the advent of computer technology it should be a lot easier for our descendants to trace their family history from now on, but at the moment if we want to trace our ancestors we have to put together what we can from memory and the memory of other members of our family, and try to confirm the details with documents that they have in their possession, and manually sift though the enormous amount of information in our libraries and public records office from all over the country, I have already spent many thousands of hours scanning micro film of news papers, legal documents, census returns, parish register's national index of births, marriage, death, and trade directories, also microfiche of name indexes IGI” {international genealogical index} produced by the Church of LDS, Directories ( Whites and Kelly’s } electoral registers, Poll books memorial inscriptions, burial registers, and on-line Internet genealogy information, only to find little bits of the picture. In the time that I have been researching my ancestors I have met many other people doing the same thing who have spent years, { one woman in her 70's who is also a member of the Family History Society has been to 8 countries over the past 14 years gathering details of her family history }

And in the past year or so I have been in contact with other people who are also researching the name Jensen, Brocklesby, Martinelli and Foll.

Lots of information is not even officially recorded anywhere
and will never be known, some say for the best.

de mortuis nil nisi bonum

Many Thanks to All the members of the family
who have helped with the compilation so far,
Without you, all this history would not have been possible,
You are part of this history.

The Quest Continues.

Robert Jensen