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Prices shown in pounds sterling, but almost any currency is accepted.
Tell us what you want, and it will be done.
Text, Pictures, Graphics, Animation, Sound, Video,

Single Home Page

one off fee

If you want a Web presence then this is the quickest and cheapest way to do it. You provide the content and design ideas, and we will lay it out and upload it to your free web space, or for an additional 10 per year we will host the site for you.
You can then tell your family and friends your New web site address.

4 Page Web Site

one off fee

For the smaller business or an enthusiastic individual,
We still require the content and a brief idea of layout from you, but we will throw in a few design ideas and register you with 4 of the top search engines, you also get a free hit counter, if you really want one.


7 Page Web Site

one off fee

For the small business with a bit more to say
All we ask is a brief idea of what you want and we will do the rest, one off registration with 6 search engines, a free hit counter and limited tracking

12 Page Web Site

one off fee

For the larger business requiring more information to be available to potential clients or customers, you get 2 hour consultation and a web design with all the bells and whistles of an interactive site. including JavaScript mailforms regular bi monthly updates of registration with 6 of the major search engines for 12 months, more detailed site hit tracking.


25 Page Web Site

one off fee

For the larger business requiring more information to be available to potential clients or customers, with this type of professional web page  your new site will be hosted on your own * virtual server with full cgi access, we will not place any banner on your pages advertising that we have developed your new site, in other words it will appear to be your own creation.

* Annual fee 150.00 for v server

All prices are plus VAT @ 17%

Frequently asked Questions

Q. What is a page ? this may seem like a silly question
A. A page on the web could be any size you want height or width but for price guide purposes and to ensure that they are easy to read our definition of a page approximately the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

All pages can be updated at any time for 15.00 per page but an occasional one or two word changes in a page would be free.

Site promotion with Search Engines can be very time consuming we will discuss in more detail your individual requirements.