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Christian Jensen

[Alt Spelling :- Kristian ] Date of Birth Unknown He was noted on the wedding certificate as a Farmer in 1919 when Charles Viggo Jensen Married Lizzie King. But a letter from the Pastor of Læsø say's he was a "Skomager" Shoe Maker . No information on his date of birth or death was given. I wonder how the pastor knew what he did for a living ?

Christian Jensen
Kirstine Petrine Johansen

Kirstine Petrine Jensen { nee Johansen }

She was born 9th June 1862 She died Sunday 24th March 1940 in Denmark.

They Had Two Children :-

1, - Charles Viggo Jensen
2, - Daughter ? Jensen

Grandparents of :- Robert Charles Jensen - Philip Alexander Jensen

Great Grandparents of :- Robert Jensen -

Great Great Grandparents of :- Philip Jensen - Alexander Jensen

gifs 2. gang med = "2nd Marriage"

Kirstine Petrine Johansen { Jensen }
Poul Madsen Poulsen
at Bopæl, Vesterø, Denmark.

Poul Madsen Poulsen

The 2nd husband of Kirstine Petrine Johansen / formerly Jensen Any descendants not known : -


Charles Viggo Jensen

The 1st Child of Christian Jensen and Kirstine Petrine Jensen { nee Johansen }

He was born on the Island of Læsø , 21st September 1894 nothing is known about his sister.

Known as Charlie Before 1919 he was a Merchant Seaman. He spoke 6 Languages, Between Aprox 1920 ~ 1926 he was a shopkeeper in Boston, After he left his wife Lizzy he was a Ships Purser, / Stuard. After 1945 he lived in London, somewhere near Marylebone station "Mews ?" He later moved to Denmark and lived with his Sister. " Dód på Plejehjemmet i Byrum, Læsø. 16/7/1970 " He Died on Thursday 16th July 1970, age 74. in a home for old people in the village of Byrum. on the island of Læsø, Denmark.

Charles Viggo Jensen
Elizabeth Brocklesby King

Wedding Certificate Details

Married at Boston Registry Office. Ref Number 28, Date of Marriage :- 3rd January 1919. Name :- Charles Viggo Jensen. Age 25. Condition :- Bachelor. Occupation :- Merchant Seaman. Address :- White Hart Hotel Boston. Fathers Name :- Christian Jensen. Fathers Occupation :- Farmer. Name :- Lizzie King. Age 21 yrs. Condition :- Spinster. Occupation :- ---- Address:- 53, Market Place, Boston. Fathers Name :- Robert King. Fathers Occupation :- Confectioner. --Witnessed by :- A, King W, Flinis


Elizabeth Jensen { nee King }
" Elizabeth Brocklesby King ?"

The First Child of Robert King and Elizabeth King { nee Brockelsby } Known as Lizzie or Kit / Kitty She was born 11th June 1897 -She worked for her Father in his Business, which was a Bakery / Restaurant at 53, Market Place, Boston, After She Married Charles Viggo Jensen in 1919, They set up a Ships Chandlers Business at:- 6a South End, Boston. Kelly's Directory of 1922 page 91 Shows an Entry for Jenson Charles Shopkeeper and also in 1926 page 95 Both have the name Jensen Spelt "JENSON" but in 1930 page 92 the Entry shows Jensen Kitty Mrs, Shopkeeper 6a South End Boston, Lincolnshire Tel No 494. and again in 1933 }. A man named Blonqin worked for them as a Linguist. { Aubrys Directory of 1935 page 27 under the Heading Ships Stores Shows "Jensen Mrs K, 6a South End." But in 1936 No listings for Jensen, Only for a Darleys Ships Chandlers of South End. }

In February 1922 a Ship the SS Lockwood bound for Hamburg got Stuck in the River Witham. But Robert C, Jensen believes that another ship a German Ship, around 193 ? got stuck in the River Witham and blocked the River Stopping any other ships getting to Boston, which is why they Closed the Business and Moved to Skegness and Bought a Hotel / Guest House :- "Villa St. Claire" at South Parade Skegness, When War Broke out Skegness was closed as a Holiday Resort, Part of the Pier was removed, so Lizzie King Bought a smaller Guest House on Castleton Boulevard, near the Ship Hotel ,

They Had Two Children :-

1, - Robert Charles Jensen.

2, - Philip Alexander Jensen.