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Hattil Foll

The 4th child of Thomas Foll The 2nd child of Thomas Foll and Maria Louisa Foll { née Grace } He was born on Monday 19th February 1855 at Hillmorton in the district of Rugby, and was Christened on Monday 2nd July 1855 in Hillmorton, Rugby, a sub district of Warwick.. Also known as Harry.

In March 1881 aged 25 he was living at 13, Sherwood Place, Bethnal Green, with his wife, a 6 month old daughter, and a 5 year old boarder. Hattil was listed as a Butcher. a family legend says that he inherited the butchers business, From the 1910 marriage certificate of his daughter Louisa Jane, we know that he continued as a Butcher, He died December qtr 1906 age 51, in Poplar… Note:- alternative incorrect spellings for the name "Hattil" = "Hattill" or "Attle" and "Foll" = "Doll"

Hattil Foll age 22,
Amelia Arnoldage 23,
In March qtr 1878 in Bethnal Green, London.


Amelia Foll{ née Arnold }

She was born 1854 in Hoxton, London. In March 1881, she was a Collar Dresser. living at 13, Sherwood Place, Bethnal Green. She died March qtr 1914, age 60, in Poplar.

They had nine children :-

1, - Joseph William Arnold {adopted ?}
2, - John Foll
3, - Amelia Caroline Foll
4, - Louisa Jane Foll
5, - Fanny Foll
6, - Edward Foll
7, - Emma Foll
8, - Hattil Foll
9, - William Stephen Foll