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The Early Foll’s

The first known records to date for the Foll family date back to 1610 with the christening of Francis Foll, and later his children Peter and Jane, Peter; born 1639 married R, Boyce in Preston, They had eight children, the seventh child John later had six children, and his 3rd child was also named John, who was christened in Greatworth in 1720, He married F, Checkley and they had nine children,

1, Sarah Foll who was christened 1767, she later married Watkins Page on 9th November 1787

2, John Foll christened 1769,

3, Richard Foll christened the same day as his younger brother in 1771, he later married Bridget Warren on 8th July 1802, they had five children,

4, Edward Foll christened 1771, he later married Elizabeth Foll at Church Stowe, they in turn had nine children,

5, Charlotte Foll who later married Joseph Howes

6, Hannah Foll married E. Gibbard

7, Frances Foll christened 1776 died 1793

the last 2 children Mary, and Elizabeth both died young,