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Charles William Martinelli

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The 1st child of Albert Samuel Martinelli and Rosabella Martinelli { née Connolly }
He was born 1st August 1881 at 7, Coburgh Place, in the Registrars District of North Dublin certificate number 174 Nationality :- British. He moved with his parents from Ireland to Finsbury Park, London about 1884, Short Service Attestation papers 5199 show that on the 23rd November 1898 at the age of 18 years 1 Month he wished to join the Lincolnshire Regiment at that time he was currently serving in the Militia and had previously served in the Yk Bu Rifle Brigade. He was 5ft 3½" tall, weighed 115 lbs, chest 32½"->35" had hazel eyes and dark brown hair, and an Anchor on his left forearm. He joined the Lincolnshire Regiment on 24th January 1898 and was appointed Lance Corporal on 18th June 1904, Corporal on 4th March 1907 and Lance Sergeant on 6th January 1910. Sergeant on 1st October 1912. and Acting Colour Sergeant on 20th January 1915 (1st Bn ). Colour Sergeant on 26th January 1915 and Promoted to H.O. Class II C.S.M. {Company Sergeant Major} 20th March 1915. He served in South Africa from 4th January 1900 to 2nd April 1904 fighting for Britain against the Dutch setters during the 1899 ~ 1902 Boer War. After returning to England for several years he was posted to Gibraltar from 28th December 1911 to 7th April 1913. and then with the Expeditionary forces in France during the Great War from 11 November 1914 to 21 June 1915 and again from 3 April 1918 to 29 September 1918 and finally from 20 January 1919 until he was discharged with full disability on 24th December 1919 with head thumb and leg injuries. He died on Thursday 11th July 1940, age 58 of Pneumonia. A funeral service was held at St. Mary' Church Grimsby and he is buried in Scartho Cemetery, Grimsby.

Charles William Martinelli. aged 28.
Louisa Jane Foll. aged 22.
On Monday 4th July 1910 in Hackney, London.

Wedding Certificate Details From Original Certificate

On the 4th July 1910 in the Registration District of Hackney, . Certificate Number 17. Marriage Solemnized in the: Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary & St. Dominic. Ballance Road Name: Charles William Martinelli. Age: 28. Condition: Bachelor. Profession: Lance Sergeant in the Lincolnshire Regiment, Residence at the time of Marriage: The Barracks Lincoln,
Fathers Name: Albert Martinelli. Fathers Profession: School Caretaker, see page *
Name: Louisa Jane Foll. Age 22. Condition: Spinster. Residence at the Time of Marriage: 53, Relday Road, Bow,
Fathers Name: Attle Foll.{deceased} Fathers Profession: Butcher, see page *
The Marriage was Witnessed by :- J W Arnold, E Martinelli, A Martinelli,

Note:- An official Copy of Marriage Details for Charles and Louisa obtained in 1976 from the Church records Shows the Father of Louisa, the Name of "ATTLE FOLL" with a different spelling, that of "HATTILL FOLL" , and it also shows two of the witness’s names in full :- Joseph William Arnold, "brother of Louisa" and Elizabeth Martinelli, "sister of Charles,"


After Charles and Louisa married in 1910 they moved from London to Portsmouth in 1911, where their first daughter was born , they then went to Gibraltar in 1912 and their first son was born, a year or so later they were back in London in 1914 and finally moved to Lincolnshire in 1918 where they lodged for a while at Hart Street Cleethorpes, they then moved to: 236, Convamore Road, Grimsby and in 1933 they moved to: 178, Wellington Street, Grimsby.

Louisa Jane Martinelli { née Foll }

The 7th child of Hattill Foll and Amelia Foll { née Arnold } see page * It is said she was born on the 19th December 1887 near " Victoria Park" within the sound of the bells of St. Mary-Le-Bow Church, Cheapside, London, and she is thus classed as a true Cockney. "no birth certificate details" Known mainly as Louie or Mom. an early nick name was " Pinkie Foll " She converted from Church of England to Roman Catholic before they married. She died on Thursday 31st May 1979 aged 91. A Service was held at St. Mary's Church, Grimsby and she is buried with her husband in Scartho Road, Cemetery, Grimsby. section 119, row K, space 25, U484/ 25 Monumental Inscription Reads :- of Your Charity Pray for the soul of Charles William Ex CSM, Lincoln Regt Beloved Husband of Louisa Martinelli Who died 11th July 1940 Age 58 Years on whose soul sweet Jesus have Mercy Also a beloved Wife & Mother Louisa Jane Martinelli Who died 31st May 1979 aged 91 years. { White Marble with Lead Lettering. }

They had eleven children :-

1 - Rosabella Amelia Martinelli
2 - Charles Dennis Martinelli
3 - William Patrick Martinelli
4 - Frederick Martinelli
5 - Louisa Mary Martinelli
6 - Margaret Martinelli
7 - Kathleen Martinelli
8 - Magdalene Martinelli
9 - Charles Albert Vincent Martinelli
10 - Bernard Martinelli
11 - Peter Michael Joseph Martinelli