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Special Thanks to :-

1, Rose Knight - For help with the initial outline of this Family History and the Photographs. and for the corrections to the 1st bound edition.

2, Mary Nuttall - For the Hours spent on the phone, adding and correcting the information of her family and for the letters with outline details.

3, Peggy Jammaer - For the letter and details of her family.

4, Vincent Martinelli - For copies of his family documents, research with script for P.A. Jensen, For finding the vital information from Ireland, and for correcting and proof reading of this compilation

5, Kath Jensen - For all the help with proof reading, and for looking after the shop while I go out collecting research data.

6, Fred Martinelli - For the letter with full details of all his descendants.

7, Magda Janulewicz - For the letter written by Bruno and for details of all her descendants.

8, Bernard Martinelli - For the letter with details of all his descendants.

9, Geoff & Gill - For Scanning and printing all the pictures and proof reading and for showing so much enthusiasm and encouragement, the barometer information, & certificates, plus all the Coke !

10, Eric & Eileen Emptage. L.F.H.S. For all the many hours of help with research { all names.}

11, Marion Sackett - For all the info and confirmation of the research.

12, Ian Cuthill - For all the emails, research information and Photographs of the Martinelli, Bacon and Harsant family, Maud and Maisies old Photographs

13, Paul Foll - For all the Facsimile information on the Foll family ancestors

14, Peter Foll - For all the information on the Foll family ancestors.

15, Dreen Martinelli - For the details of her family, and the cine film,